Our Vineyards

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A unique  corner of La Rioja Alta

All our wines are made exclusively with grapes from our own vineyards, which we grow with the aid of our highly qualified staff, so ensuring that each year’s wines have the same character as their predecessors.

The grapes from the vineyards we inherited are used to make our most special wines. For certain jobs in the vineyards, we have been hiring the same staff for over 20 years. We do bunch pruning, removing some of the bunches from each vine so as to reduce the production and increase the quality (photo 2).

When it comes to harvest-time, we begin with the vineyards with the ripest grapes so allowing the other vineyards to reach the optimum moment for picking. The grapes for all our range of wines are 100% handpicked.

We have 105 hectares of vineyards. Some of the vines we inherited were planted in 1911 (photo 3), 1926, 1940, 1960. These vineyards are located in various villages in the area: San Asensio, Briones, Haro, Anguciana, Sajazarra, Bañares and Hervías. Our largest vineyard is the one surrounding the winery in Hervías where we make our special wines. The vineyard, known as “Finca La Plata”, covers over 40 hectares and is planted exclusively with Tempranillo vines at an altitude of 650 m (photo 1).


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Vineyard "La Pau"
 Vineyard "El Castillo"  Foto 2Vineyard "Villavacas"
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Foto 3. Vineyard "El carrizo" Finca El Ciervo, 40HA a 650 m altitud.