Señorío de Villarrica


100% Tempranillo.


Clay - stony, “El Ciervo”, “Villavacas” and “Villarrica” vineyards planted in 1990, 1960 and 1965.


Grapes are handpicked and selected in special 1,000 kg trailers. Second selection process in the winery followed by destemming. Fermentation in 6,000 kg stainless steel tanks with temperature control for 25 days, with three pump-overs every day in order to extract the colour. Malolactic Fermentation in French oak tubs. Followed by aging in French and American oak barrels for 14 months and six months in a bottle.


A very powerful wine with aromas of wild fruits, which mix very well with toasted caramel aromas from the wood. A modern pleasant feel, very easy to drink. An intense vivid colour, which indicates that it can be stored well for at least 10 years. Best served at a temperature of 14º to 16ºC.